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Welcome to Wow Plastics!

Wow Plastics specializes in molding consumer discretionary products and automotive components. Wow provides wide ranging services to meets the needs of our customers.  From molding to warehousing and distribution, Wow Plastics is able to help you mold your products and get them to the proper destination at the correct time. We work in partnership with other plastic injection molders in all phases of the molding process. With 16 presses ranging in size from 75 ton to 1000 ton, and 60,000 square feet of warehousing space, Wow Plastics has the capacity and expertise to complete your project. 

In addition to designing, molding, and distributing our own products we work closely with other plastic injection molders to assist them with various projects. We pride ourselves on helping other injection molders instead of competing against them. This has earned us the reputation of The Injection Molders' Molder.




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